Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

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SPRINT Embroidery Machine

SPRINT 6 / SPRINT 7 With the maximum 460 mm x 310 mm usable embroidery field of the SPRINT 6 and 7, the perfect dimensions for individual embroidery and other possibilities with the use of the modes cap and free arm.
With 460 mm x 310 mm usable embroidery field, hanging drives,  newest servomotors and 18 needles, there are no limits to the creativity to embroider caps, fabrics and suitcases and to use the operating modes cap and free arm.
All the advantages of the SPRINT 6 combined with a larger 1.200 mm x 280 mm embroidery field give more space for your creativity and complement the possibilities of using the other operating modes cap and free arm.
The technical innovations of the best SPRINT, extended by the largest embroidery field of all SPRINT machines, leave nothing to be desired in order to implement all ideas in the flat-stick, free-arm and cap modes.


RACER Embroidery Machine 


The XL machines are characterized by an extra-large embroidery field of 700 x 700 mm. In the 1XL, an embroidery head with 24 needles produces large-format and multi-colored motifs
On the extra large embroidery field of 700 x 700 mm, which is typical of XL machines, two embroidery heads work with a total of 24 needles to embroider large and smaller motifs.
RACER 02–18
As a special feature, this two-head machine with 9 needles each offers the option of a double travel for one head. This results in two alternative embroidery field sizes of 550/1100 x 500 mm.
In addition to machines with wide head spacing (type W), this machine (type S) is characterized by a smaller head spacing between the eight heads with twelve needles.