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EPS Software

EPCwin - The Software for Professional Digitizing

The creation of embroidery design data for the various embroidery processes still represents one of the greatest challenges for professional embroidery. This is where the unique, modular EPCwin software sets completely new standards in terms of functionality and design possibilities.

Whether for badges, logos, appliqués, designs for haute couture, tablecloths, curtains, allover and etched embroidery - EPCwin has all program stages from designing, drawing, to digitizing and editing.  As a user, you are always perfectly guided and supported in all work steps. This means: fast and efficient work.

EPCwin accepts all common image formats from various sources such as .bmp, jpg or .pdf. Effective functions are available for preparing these templates. For example, scanned partial images can be merged with pinpoint accuracy to form a complete template. Functions specially developed for embroidery drawing allow the targeted creation of contours, regardless of the quality of the image templates. Alternatively, vector files in the formats dxf, wmf, emf and ai can be imported from other drawing programs. Drawing the exact contours of a pattern is the basis for a high quality embroidery design.

CAD drawing functions

  • Fast change between curves and edges.
  • Connect lines collectively.
  • Optimize lines automatically.

  • Division into layers by colour assignment
  • Creation of geometries with adjustable values
  • Rotation, compression, stretching and mirroring of drawing or digitizing data
  • Help functions such as grid, horizontal and vertical lines or comment texts
  • Freehand curves in different levels of precision
  • Selection of different automatic drawing tools especially for textile applications



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