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Finance an equipment with us will help your business aspirations into tangible, cost-effective reality.

Conserve Cash

By opting for leasing, customers can preserve cash and enhance their purchasing capability within both operating and capital budgets, effectively overcoming budget constraints.

100% Financing

Leasing offers the advantage of 100% financing, diverging from conventional funding methods where customers often forego a down payment for equipment, typically requiring only the initial and final payments in advance.

Preserve Lines of Credit

Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow business. No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash!

No Pre-Payment of Taxes

The customer pays GST and PST on rentals they do not pre-pay these taxes in full upfront.

Potential Income Tax Benefit

Some industries allow customers to write off lease payment as an operating expense rather than depreciate the capital cost of equipment. You should consult your tax advisor to find out how leasing can benefit the tax position of your business. 

Simple, Convenient Process

Leasing process is simple, efficient and convenient. You achieve 'one-stop' shopping for the structure and financing. Credit approval and leasing documentation is uncomplicated. 

Match Revenue with Expenditures

You can match revenues with expenditures by paying for the structures while it is used to generate revenue, or protect profits.