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Sustainability (Coloreel)

The new generation of sustainable embroideries

By instantly coloring the thread during embroidery, using Coloreel means 97% less waste water and minimal thread waste. Featuring 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer PET bottles, Coloreel supports the textile industry’s move towards more sustainable production and decorations.


50 times less wastewater

On average 215 trillion litres of water per year are consumed by the textile industry. We’re proud that Coloreel-powered embroidery machines can drastically reduce wastewater from thread dyeing. A comparison between Coloreel’s technology and one of the world’s leading thread manufacturers shows that traditional thread dyeing produces 50 times more wastewater than Coloreel’s direct dyeing does.



Reduced water consumption by 97%

By dyeing a 100% recycled polyester thread in real time, water consumption is reduced by at least 97% compared to traditional dyeing methods. This is documented in Coloreel’s environmental product declaration (EPD) and verified by a third party. The full EPD can be found in the international database Environdec.


Recycled OEKO-TEX® thread

Coloreel’s instant dyed embroidery thread fulfils OEKO-TEX® 100 class I standards and was developed in collaboration with world-leading thread manufacturer Madeira. It’s produced from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles and has passed through all industry-standard quality testing and provides the same fastness properties as virgin polyester thread. With the ambition to further minimize impact, the thread cone is made from recycled plastics and is packaged and shipped in recycled carton boxes.


Reduced thread waste

The embroidery industry produces an enormous amount of waste; thousands of reels of thread being dumped because they are no longer the right colors, huge warehouse spaces being used to store all these threads, and a large logistics operation to order and transport them.

With Coloreel, you only produce what you need. Our instant coloring technology lets you dye one reel of recycled white thread to any exact color – during the embroidery. You get instant access to millions of colors that are CMYK, RGB/HEX and PMS compatible and at the same time you’re eliminating the need to house an abundance of obsolete threads.