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Sustainability (AEOON)


From the very beginning of aeoon Technologies, sustainability has been an integral part of our company´s philosophy. For us it is a way of life, rather than a concept that we adopted due to it becoming much more prominent in recent years. It has been in our DNA from the start. We develop and produce our machines in a stunning and yet vulnerable Austrian environment. The women and men who work at aeoon have a strong connection and long history living and protecting the nature around them. This unique perspective reflects in our inherit need to take care of our natural and cultural resources.

With our innovative DTG technology we provide our customers the ability to operate efficiently and profitably on a Print-On-Demand (POD) basis. This technology reduces the consumption of natural resources, energy, transportation, and logistic procedures as well as textile waste tremendously.

We understand that doing good is not enough – it must be done the right way. With this idea in mind, we have been continuously improving the performance and production methods of our machines. Now, aeoon Technologies sets global benchmarks for durability, energy efficiency, recyclability, and life span for DTG printers.

We have been careful to select local suppliers who share our values to ensure every component produced and utilized in our machines meets our sustainability philosophy. The majority of our suppliers are from our nearby vicinity, sharing our ideas and values and at the end reducing transport emissions, which benefits our customers and the environment.

We are proud to be working closely with developers and certifiers on the advancement of our water-based inks, cleaning and pretreatment fluids. Thanks to these efforts we can provide the latest GOTS and OEKO-TEX® approved inks and liquids, which subsequently facilitates the certification process for our clients.

All our machines are produced in our newly built, energy efficient headquarter in Tyrol. Exceeding the already high environmental and social standards from the Austrian government, aeoon Technologies is dedicated to further invest in a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Great investments have also been made in our employees, to whom we strive to provide a healthy, well balanced and motivating work environment. Zero discrimination and harassment policies are being lived by each of our “family members.” We are an inclusive equal opportunity employer who values our most valuable resource – people.

Setting the course for tomorrow today


    aeoon Technologies will never compromise on its commitment to sustainability and continue to offer the most eco-friendly solution in the DTG marketplace.


    aeoon Technologies offers the lowest VOC and HAP ink solutions and strives to eliminate all VOC impact.


    aeoon Technologies works with suppliers and customers who believe in a “clean manufacturing” process and adhere to all local municipality requirements.


    aeoon Technologies will not sell equipment to customers who purposely damage the environment, violate labor laws or operate in an unsafe manner.