Alnoor Remtullah has over 30 years experience in the Textile and Sewing industry. He trained at Pfaff in Germany on CAD CAM, Industrial High-speed pneumatic and electronic sewing machines. He has also been trained at Aisin (Toyota) and Tajima in Japan.

For 16 years (1986-2002) Alnoor was a Service Manager and Technical VP for Sew Canada Industries, a well known Tajima distributor in Ontario, Canada. He has been involved in assisting the Tajima technical department in many challenges and has made valuable suggestions that have been implemented on Tajima machines.

In 2002, Alnoor established Embroidery Technical Services (ETS) and continued providing on-site service, telephone support, consulting & seminars to his previous Tajima clients and to the embroidery industry at large. In June 2010 Alnoor launched Twiga Industries, a merger with ETS. He was also appointed as the Canadian Distributor for Expert-ESP Computerized Embroidery Systems manufactured by Tokai Industries based in Japan.

In October 2013, Twiga Industries expanded, being appointed as Authorized Tajima Sales & Service.

In January 2017, Alnoor was offered the opportunity to be a sole distributor for ZSK machines in Canada by Mr. Julius Sobizack, President of ZSK StickmaschinenGmbH. ZSK is a leading German manufacturer of high quality embroidery machines. Alnoor is excited to introduce and share his knowledge of ZSK machines. He continues to support Tajima customers.

In June 2017, Alnoor attended Groz-Beckert Academy Training in Albstadt, Germany.

To Contact Alnoor Remtullah: alnoor@twigaind.com