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The Kyo12 Digital Textile Printer

aeoon proudly presents its new direct digital on garment inkjet printer design. The 
machine will achieve printspeeds up to 800 shirts/hour in perfect quality. 
aeoon heralds a new era in digital garment production with the launch of its new direct 
to garment printer. What was once consigned to low volume or novelty production, 
digital inkjet printing can now become the mainstream production method for garment 
decoration. With productivity approaching that of anolog screen presses, the established 
advantages of digital production can now be applied to the whole production environment.
Removing setup time and washup time significantly reduces waste and 
improves productivity and profitability, enables run length from one to several 
thousands, enables short run lengths and reorders to be processed in an efficient and 
profitable way. aeoon gives you economic advantage through technical innovation. 
The new machine design supports CMYK + white pigment ink for cotton and mixed 
fibers and CMYK sublimation ink for direct printing on polyester fabrics and transfer papers


aeoon proudly presents the aeoon Kyo12, providing 
digital production on an industrial scale. High resolution 
printing opens new design possibilities. High volume 
enables true production capabilities. To augment or to 
replace tradition screen printing the aeoon One opens 
new opportunities for screen printers. Our machine is 
superior in terms of speed and image quality and industrial reliability. 
As of now it is one of the fastest digital inkjet DTG 
textile printer in its market segment. It is designed to meet 
the demand for a high volume industrial production and 
highest print quality. This is achieved by using up to 12 
inkjet printheads with 2558 nozzles with native 600dpi 
resolution and fire speed of up to 40.000 ink drops per 
second in 4 different drop sizes. 
It prints up to 800 shirts/hour in excellent quality. It can 
print a big variety of textiles and materials and meets 
the market request for highly flexible volume production.