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Flat bed printer for textile and rigid materials with an innovative software and system management in hardware.

Equipped with a mixer for white ink management. This system has the dual function of ensuring a perfect printability, a lower ink consumption and stability on the amazing printhead, eliminating the clogging effect. CONDOR is also equipped with the APCP who manages the printhead off contact material, automatically reducing set-up and ensuring print consistency. In synergy with PEP, this ensures the safety of the head from breaking, by controlling the position of the printhead at all times.

Thanks to all these devices CONDOR is the most innovative printer on the market. CONDOR has a welded structure with a sliding cover for inspection work, it also has a membrane keypad with digital display to handle all set-up and cleaning functions. The heart of Condor is its new printhead with 360 nozzles per channel and the management system of pressure on the dampers, which is able to ensure a smooth flow of ink, resulting in perfect prints! For the highest print quality, we supply our ink and a RIP software named WhiteRIP that manages and optimizes linearization of color prints.

- Printheads: nr.10
- Type: Piezo inkjet
- Type: Flat bed
- Exclusive distributor in Italy: DG DPI Printing
- Print size: 1000 x 2500
- External dimensions: 3300 W x 1800 W x 1600 H mm
- Special features of the printer: height sensing material; Up / down movement with electric engine
- Max thickness support: 35 cm
- Print Media: tissue, skin, eps, wood.. etc...
- Spare ml ink: C, M, Y, B in 250 ml bottles, W (white) in bottles of 500 ml
- Combinations of colors: 2 x (C, M, Y, B) or C, M, Y, B + 4 x (W)
- Available colors: 4 +1
- Ink used: water-based
- Possibility of bi-directional printing
- Levels of resolution: Variable
- Maximum resolution: 2880 dpi
- Size drop adjustable from 35 to 21 pl
- Pl droplet size: variable
- Nozzle print: 10 x 360

- Vacuum split in sections;
- 2 Vacuum Pumps;
- X - Y Movement

DPI DG Printing