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Condor 2 Rotary

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The Condor 2 rotary is a large format printer characterized by the carpet which moves the objects to be printed.
The printer is able to automatically detect the piece to print creating accurate and constant prints.
Moreover the printer can easily integrate on production line to maximize the production.
Thanks to the double piezo electric print heads with 180 nozzles for channel Condor 2 allow fast and high quality production with vibrant colors and sharp details. The different inks types allow to print on any surface, from textiles to glass.

Max. material thickness: 250mm
Print area: width 1600mm
Inks: Ceramic, UV, Hybrid, Water based
Printheads: double 8 channel printheads, 180 nozzle each channel
Color configurations: 6 configurable colors (CMYK White and Gloss)
Belt: Vacuum and blowing
Software RIP: dedicated RIP
Opionals: vacuum belt, customizations

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