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DTF 300 Fast

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The printing system DTF 300 Fast consisting of a digital printer and a duster with oven and rewinder.
With DTF 300 Fast it is possible to print on film in A3 format sheets or on reels.
The printer is equipped with 2 print heads with 6 channel each. This allows for faster printing speed while maintaining at the same time a high quality making the printer suitable for production.
Roll printing allows you to automate the application of the glue and the subsequent passage in the oven with a considerable saving of time.

The DTF printing process is very simple, the graphics to be applied to the object are processed by the RIP software and printed on mirrored film and with the color under white. It is then dryed in the oven and applied a hot adhesive powder.
At this point the film with the graphics can be applied to the object using a heat press or be stored and applied later, allowing to streamline the production process by printing the films in advance and applying them if necessary.

This technology allows you to customize clothing of any fabric and objects with extreme simplicity.

The equipment includes the WhiteRIP 8 professional RIP software in DTF version with all the necessary functions for this technology including:
- Auto generation of white level
- Color profiles for DTF
- Management of ink levels
- Print multiple graphics at the same time
- Saving the work for later modification


Technical specifications

  • Print format: roll film, 300mm width
  • Printheads: 2 piezo electric printheads 6 channels each
  • Colors: CMYKW
  • Max. resolution: 720x2400dpi
  • Inks in tanks
  • Connectivity: Ethernet
  • Software RIP WhiteRIP DTF