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ZSK Sprint 6XL

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SPRINT 6XL - 12 needles and an extra-wide embroidery field (ZSK Catalog)

The SPRINT 6XL has a long table top for the wide embroidery field of max. 1,200mm.
This means that particularly long items such as runners, flags, bath towels or tablecloths can be perfectly embroidered.

 The SPRINT 6XL can also be operated in cap and free arm operating modes.

The SPRINT 6XL has a large embroidery field for wide products in the border frame with an embroidery field of 1,200 mm width and 280 mm depth. The possible uses of the SPRINT 6XL are not limited to border embroidery; It can be converted quickly and easily to embroider caps, T-shirts and many other products in individual frames.

 In free-arm operation with a single frame, the SPRINT 6XL has a maximum embroidery field of 300mm x 400mm.

 Like the SPRINT 6, the SPRINT6XL is also equipped with the narrowest free arm for the embroidery industry. This advantage allows you to embroider even in tight places such as trouser pockets, baby clothing or shirt pockets.

 The embroidery options on the SPRINT 6XL can be expanded with machine extensions for sequins, beads, ribbons, etc.