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Two plates manual heat press P1 / 8M 2P

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Presents the same characteristics of its sister model P1/8, with the exception of the double lower plate.

Designed for a higher productivity cycle and for a higher comfort. Thanks to the double lower plates, it’s possible to place your t-shirt on the plate, while you are drying a second t-shirt on the other plate.

The pressure strength is easily adjustable for both plates and you can have two different settings, according to your needs.

Heat is constant and flows equally through the surface of both plates, granting the best results while drying your products.

Power consumption is also reduced thanks to a micro controller that monitors the temperature and heats the plate only when necessary.

P1/8M - 2P (t-shirt)

1 Teflon heat plate and 2 silicon rubber lower plates.

Size is 38x40 cm standard, or 50x60 cm optional

P1/8M - 2P (caps)

1 Teflon heat curved plate with and 2 silicon rubber lower plates.

Size is 15x7 cm standard (variable size)


  • Digital timer and digital temp. control ;
  • Acoustic signaler and automatic relase;
  • Maximum Timer: 999 sec
  • Max pression while closed 300 g/cm²
  • Pression regulation
  • Maximum power consumption: 230 V / 1400 W
  • Power: 6 A
  • Max Temperature : 200°C