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USB Reader for Machines

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Why should it be so hard to load files into your machine?

  • Are you stumped trying to remember all the buttons to push? Are you tired of teaching your operators how to load a design, again and again?
  • Are you keeping an old computer around (and keeping it working) just to load designs? And memorizing that as well?
  • Are you still using floppy disks, hoping your mechanical floppy drive system made in the 1990's can last just a few more days while chewing up hard-to-find double density floppy disks? (Or your taped-up high-density floppies?)
  • Do you have more than one brand of machine, and need a consistent solution for all of them?

We have a better way!

The USB Reader made by PLR Electronics is designed to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

We offer one easy way to load designs, no matter what brand of machine you may have! Instructions listed below:

  • Plug in your USB stick
  • Spin the dial until your file is shown
  • It's ready to download!

Keep your profitable machines running! There is no reason to put down $50-$100k for new because you can't get any old reader to work. Your faithful machine can still do the job, with just a little help!