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ZSK Racer Classic

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ZSK Racer Classic (ZSK Catalog)

The RACER Classic offers embroidery machines with 4 and 6 embroidery heads. Each embroidery head has 12 needles.

 The RACER CLASSIC is only available in a combination with 400mm head distance and 500mm embroidery field depth.

  • Embroidery speed 1,000 stitches/min.
  • 4 and 6 heads
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Smallest tubular of industrial embroidery
  • Upper and lower thread guard
  • Automatic back stitch function
  • Height-adjustable presser foot
  • Contour tracing
  • Low noise
  • T8 control unit
  • Integrated design editor
  • Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes
  • Storage for approx. 80 million stitches
  • Automatic error analysis
  • Windows based networking
  • Built and designed for 24/7 production
  • High resale value
  • Made in Germany