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ZSK Sprint 7L

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SPRINT 7L – the embroidery machine with more embroidery field! (ZSK Catalog)

The SPRINT 7L has a larger embroidery field than the SPRINT 7. The embroidery field of a maximum of 600mm x 400mm offers plenty of space for embroidery on jackets, coats, flags or other textiles with room for large-format embroidery.

The SPRINT 7L can of course also embroider caps and T-shirts, hoodies, etc. in individual frames.

The SPRINT 7L has two special features that distinguish this model from the SPRINT 7 and the SPRINT 6.

 The SPRINT 7L has

  1. an embroidery field expanded to 600 mm and
  2. The design was changed so that even particularly wide and bulky objects such as suitcases or bags for golf clubs can be easily clamped in free-arm operation.