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ZSK Sprint Classic

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The SPRINT CLASSIC is a reliable partner for all embroidery tasks. With its straightforward functionality and no-frills approach, the SPRINT CLASSIC is perfect for anyone looking for a solid and reliable embroidery experience.

The focus on core functions ensures reliable performance and exceptional results. The robust construction ensures lasting value, while the user-friendly interface makes operation effortless.

Whether you're working around the clock or just starting out, the SPRINT CLASSIC is the ideal choice for achieving professional results.

Automatic colour change
If the embroidery design contains different colours, the machine automatically switches to the needle with the correct thread colour during embroidery.
Thread break detection
With the help of the automatic thread break detection, a ZSK embroidery machine stops automatically if the upper or lower thread breaks or the thread runs out in the bobbin.
Automatic thread tension adjustment
The automatic adjustment of the thread tension ensures a constantly optimized transport of the thread to the needle and thus enables high-quality embroideries.
Height adjustable presser foot
Adjust the presser foot to the height of the embroidery material in order to achieve better embroidery quality.
The T8 control unit can be operated in 14 different languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian.
Large integrated memory
The T8 control unit offers integrated memory for approx. 80 million stitches and thus provides space for a large number of your frequently used embroidery designs.
Barcode reader
With a barcode reader connected to the T8 via USB, barcode patterns can be loaded from a connected network and various control commands can be executed.
A slot for the standard RJ-45 network connector and three USB ports for other devices are available for communication, memory expansion and other functionalities.
The T8 works with Microsoft's network protocols and thus enables simple communication with connected company networks, digital workflow solutions or the ZSK operating data information system MY.ZSK.
This machine was designed and constructed in Germany for the high requirements of the embroidery industry. Our Sprint Classic models are built in the Czech Republic.


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