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Pam Wenger (PDQ Image Identity Apparel)

Any company in the embroidery business knows how important a dependable, honest and reliable service technician is to efficiently operate and compete in the industry.  Alnoor has been assisting our company for 12 years.  He is constantly proving his abilities with his efficiency in returning phone calls on a very timely basis, assisting with consultations over the phone to get us up and running immediately and getting to our shop within a very tight schedule if need be.  His wide range of parts that he carries with him lets him repair our machines on his first visit.  Very little down time is experienced. 


Alnoor also brings with him up-to-date knowledge of current trends and techniques used in the actual embroidery process.  He will offer his insight, if you would like, on an embroidery problem such as hooping and backers.  On occasion he will bring with him a new product that he has found.  His extensive exposure to many machines enables him to know current market values of machines, condition of individual machines and which machines have fewer service issues.  This enables him to give you tangible advice when seeking to purchase addition machines.

Alnoor truly cares about each of his customers.  His personality is warm and friendly and it is quite obvious he wants us to succeed.  With him on board we have succeeded.  Thank-you Alnoor for all you have done for us and we wish you prosperity in your new venture.

I could go on…….and on….. 

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