Linda Mason (Nova Trophy Embroidery)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Alnoor from Twiga embroidery services Canada for over 12 years as our embroidery machine technician for our 6 Tajima embroidery machines. His knowledge of embroidery machines is incredible and his willingness to teach that knowledge to his customers makes it easy for us to keep our production flowing. When trouble arises he is just a phone call away. Alnoor from Twiga embroidery services has walked me through situations that I figured were absolutely hopeless but his patience and guidance has helped me succeed in repairing our embroidery machines numerous times thus saving the company both time and money. Again, his knowledge of embroidery machines is so great that even when doing a phone consultation it's like having him right beside me as I take each piece apart. He also knows just how far I can go so he never pushes me past my ability to work on the machines. Even though there are a few embroidery technicians in our area we always schedule Alnoor to do our major embroidery machine repairs and preventative embroidery machine maintenance. I would like to say that Alnoor is a wonderful mentor and friend who has helped me become a valuable employee due to the knowledge he has shared with me over the years.

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