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Robert Coffin (Celtic Cresting)

I have owned and operated an embroidery shop for the past 10 years.

I met Alnoor when I was purchasing my first machine and he helped me through the process. Alnoor has been there for me over the years with maintenance, technical support, and all the purchases I have made over the years.
When ever I run into situations where a machine is in need of repair, Alnoor is only a phone call away. He is always very prompt in returning all calls and can quickly resolve my problem. As you all know, when your machines are not running, you're losing money.

I have taken part in a few Imprint shows in Toronto and when you mention Alnoor Remtullah’s name, everyone knows who your talking about. He is a very knowledgeable, respected, trustworthy and caring person and I am privileged to have met him.

Over the years we have developed a great relationship, and I do consider Alnoor a good friend.

Best of luck with your new Business venture.
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