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Troy and Jennie Greencorn

We were shopping for a single head embroidery machine for our small business in Nova Scotia. We were on a very limited budget (less than $ 10K) and had been looking for almost a year. Many hours of online research, phone calls and watching sites like Kijiji and eBay, led us to Twiga Industries. After speaking to Alnoor for a few minutes, I felt comfortable and not so intimidated about buying equipment I knew little about. Alnoor and Twiga truly believe in developing lifetime clients. He quickly found us a machine we could afford, did a brilliant refurbishing job (the machine looked brand new) and dedicated 2 full days to training me and my wife. We left the Twiga office feeling very confident in our machine, our skills and the relationship we had developed with Alnoor and his staff. We immediately had a large order to fill with little experience. At least a dozen times we needed to contact Alnoor for minor questions. He was so prompt and patient, it was truly amazing. I've never experienced such caring and knowledgeable support with any supplier in the past. We will be a Twiga customer as long as we are in the embroidery business. Our expectations have been far exceeded.
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