Tracey Cameron (Sewlutions)

I first met Alnoor in 1999 from Twiga embroidery services while he was servicing a Tajima 4 head embroidery machine. I quickly made a good lifelong friend. When I made the transition to another embroidery company in 2004, I recommended Alnoor to my employer, stating that there would be no substitute for the genius that was Alnoor Remtullah. Alnoor has the ability to quickly and easily diagnose problems that have arisen in the Tajima embroidery machines that I have worked with. He has the adept ability to assess the embroidery machine problems so efficiently that you know you are in capable hands. Production time is of the essence when you are working in the commercial embroidery field. His talent for repairs and understanding your profitability and bottom line are always taken into consideration. Alnoor has been a valuable asset to me over the years, not only as a reliable and quality driven embroidery machine service technician, but also as a friend and mentor. So when I opened my own business he was one of the first people I called for advice on embroidery machines. I always feel that I get the honest truth from him, and I wish him all the best in his new business!

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