Vickie Barlow (Bluewater Apparel & Graphics)

I want to say thanks to Alnoor. We were having a problem with our single head Tajima.  We called the repair personal and were told (sight unseen the cost would be $6000 dollars).  I decided to make some calls and tried one other fix but it did not work.

Well I then needed to order some supplies from another supplier and I asked him if he had any contacts for some help.  He gave me Alnoor ‘s number and told me he was the best around.  So of course I called him and in 20 mins he had us up and running.  Well you would think this would be the end of this. Well not for Alnoor, the next day he called to make sure we were up and running.  Well you do not see this every day.

So THANKS from the staff and owners of Bluewater Graphics

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