Chris Williams (Ultragraphics Limited)

Our two head Tajima had an issue. We had a break in the reciprocator connection and we needed to replace it. The procedure was very complicated and involved multiple complex steps.  We were trying to resolve the problem over the phone, but explaining the steps verbally was difficult.  Instead we used Skype as a visual tool and we found this very helpful.

It was beneficial in locating the specific areas that required attention.  Skype, as a visual aid, allowed both myself and the technical support person to locate the problem area.  This enabled us to view the problem together as he was able to walk me through the process while observing what I was doing. 

It is also a comfort when doing very technical repairs to know that the tech person is there every step of the way, providing you with real time guidance to ensure you do not get into trouble.

I would like to thank Alnoor for working with me on Skype.  It was an excellent tool and certainly got the job done.

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